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Microbiology Posters

These Microbiology scientific posters and charts are available in paper, or lamination. Choose from illustrations of cellular structures, parasites, pathogens and more. Topics include AID's, Immunology and infections. These products will be useful as terrific teaching tools in the classroom.

  • Bloodborne Training DVD

    Boodborne Pathogen Instructor Package

    This product does not contain the new updated 2010 AHA Guidelines Covers the general OSHA Standard for first-time or renewal bloodborne pathogens training for anyone with a reasonable chance for occupational exposure to blood or blood-containing...

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  • BloodBorne Pathogen Poster

    Bloodborne Pathogens Poster

    This product does not contain the new updated 2010 AHA Guidelines Describes and illustrates the basic steps for employees to reduce the chance of exposure to bloodborne pathogens in the workplace and how to protect themselves and others from being...

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  • HIV and AIDS Chart

    HIV and AIDS Chart

    This anatomical poster presents important information about HIV and AIDS, one of the deadliest diseases facing humanity today. The spread of the disease is discussed along with symptoms. The AIDS virus is shown in full color and detail on this anatomy...

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  • Flu (Influenza) Chart

    Flu (Influenza) Chart

    This colorful anatomical chart presents information about the Flu or influenza. A detailed illustration of the influenza makes this poster educational and eye catching. A map highlighting flu hotspots is included on this anatomy poster along with other...

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  • Transplantation Immunology Poster

    Transplantation Immunology Poster

    This colorful anatomical chart is a great educational tool for the teaching of transplantation immunology. The biochemistry of this immunology is illustrated with easy to understand pathways mapped out. This thickly laminated anatomical chart is printed...

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  • Pathogenic Microorganisms Poster

    Pathogenic Microorganisms Poster

    A valuable asset in all studies of microbiology and disease, this colorful chart illustrates 16 important pathogens as they appear during microscopic examination, using standard staining techniques. Great diagram! Measures 44" wide in paper and mounted...

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  • AIDS-Virus Model

    AIDS-Virus Model

    This model of the HI-Virus, enlarged millions of times, shows the outer lipid membrane with protein structures, and the internal nucleus which contains the viral hereditary matter (RNA). The nucleus is removable and condoms can be put underneath to...

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