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Mental Health and Disease Posters

These Mental health care posters and charts are available in paper, or lamination. Choose from normal or abnormal anatomy illustrations in a variety of sizes. Titles include depression, stress, Parkinson’s and more. You can use these drawings for patient education, teaching students and as a reference for seasoned practitioners in their medical offices. 


  • Cancer Anatomical Chart

    Depression Poster

    Each chart is painstakingly researched by our staff of medical illustrators, and checked and double checked by editors, proofreaders, and most importantly by leading anatomists and medical professionals for accuracy.Our chart line is well-designed and...

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  • HIV and AIDS Chart

    HIV and AIDS Chart

    This anatomical poster presents important information about HIV and AIDS, one of the deadliest diseases facing humanity today. The spread of the disease is discussed along with symptoms. The AIDS virus is shown in full color and detail on this anatomy...

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  • Aids Transmitted Poster

    How the Aids Virus is Transmitted Poster

    How the Aids Virus is Transmitted Poster describes the various ways to contract Aids by using elaborate full color descriptive images. This poster is a great informative reference for a health class or facility.  Measures 24”x...

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  • Immune System Poster

    Immune System Poster

      fully detailed poster with vibrant color illustrations and important information about how the deadly Aids virus damages the immune system. This poster breaks down the Aids' attack on the immune system by using a pictured step by step.  ...

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  • Insomnia Patient Anatomy Chart

    Insomnia Patient Anatomy Chart

    Insomnia Poster Size 20" x 28" Laminated Wall Anatomical Chart Insomnia Chart clearly and simply describes, section-by-section: What is the condition? What causes it? What are the symptoms? How it is diagnosed. Treatment available. Self-help and support...

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  • Radiation Therapy Chart

    Radiation Therapy Chart

    Radiation therapy (RT) is a dynamic but complex medical profession. Our comprehensive 3-panel (6-page) guide will make it all easy to understand, including the differences between RT and x-ray tech. All key aspects of RT—from basic radiophysics and...

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  • Understanding Cancer Anatomical Chart

    Understanding Cancer Anatomical Chart

    Completely updated and redesigned, this chart defines cancer and shows normal anatomy cells and malignant (cancerous) cells. Provides cancer incidence statistics by site on the body and gender. Discusses how cancer spreads and shows the four stages of...

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  • Understanding Leukemia Anatomical Chart

    Understanding Leukemia Anatomical Chart

    This patient-friendly leukemia chart defines leukemia and shows four types of acute and chronic leukemia. Briefly describes the causes and risk factors. Lists signs and symptoms for each type of leukemia and the age of population that is most affected by...

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