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Chiropractic Posters

Chiropractic patient education is made easy with these posters and charts available in english and Spanish. Choose from formats in paper or Lamination and from notebook size to oversize hanging wall charts. You will find posters here that explain the philosophy and science of Chiropractic. Topics include the Vertebral Subluxation Complex, inspirational images, health and more.  In addition view our medical art and spinal anatomy illustrations.

  • Sacroiliac Joint Poster

    Sacroiliac Joint Poster

    This anatomical poster on the Sacroiliac Joint will be a great addition to your office for patient education. The normal anatomy of the Sacroiliac Joint and Pelvis are described along with their neurological relationships. Common Trigger point patterns...

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  • Road to Recovery Chiropractic Poster Road to Recovery Insert

    Road to Recovery Chiropractic Poster

    Will your patient opt to take the high road to wellness or suffer a series of roller-coaster relapses? The time to discuss this vital topic is at the earliest stages of their care. Use this powerful graphic at your report of findings as a springboard for...

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  • Autonomic Nervous System Poster

    Autonomic Nervous System Poster

    This new Autonomic Nervous System Laminated Poster measures 18" X 24". This colorful classic image on a white background from the 1950's shows the autonomic nervous system in relation to the spine and the internal organs. The nerves are color coded...

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  • Wise man

    Wise Man Poster

    A Wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession. Measures 24 x 36 and printed on 80 pound lithograph paper.

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  • Chiropractic Poster

    How Our Practice Works Poster

    Your consultation is not complete until you review these 12 points before accepting your next new patient. Skip this vital step and patients expect you to do all the work, producing a speedy recovery without them lifting a finger. If...

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  • Iceberg Chiropractic Poster

    Iceberg Chiropractic Poster

    This is our most popular Chiropractic chart because it supplies a simple, yet powerful metaphor for demonstrating the folly of using symptoms as a means for judging ones health. Add thought-provoking statements, questions and annotations with a dry erase...

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  • Spinal Decay Chiropractic poster Spinal Decay Insert

    Spinal Decay Chiropractic poster

    Ready to upgrade from the esoteric "subluxation degeneration" to the more understandable and higher-impact "spinal decay?" Use these cervical, thoracic and lumbar views to show patients the tragic effects of uncorrected spinal malfunction and for "phase...

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  • Asthma and Chiropractic Poster

    Asthmatic Children and Chiropractic Poster

    Significant decreases in asthma related impairment as well as a decreased incidence of asthmatic "attacks."* *Eighty one children under chiropractic care took part in this self-reported asthma related impairment study. Twenty four patients reporting...

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