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Dental Charts and Posters

These dental anatomy posters are a great reference tool in the office, or clinic. Explain the anatomical structures of the teeth and jaw to students and patients with these scientifically accurate illustrations. Have fun Decorating your reception area with our huge sticky wall posters. In addition our flip charts and small reference charts are valuable during your consultation and are easy to understand. Finally check out our acupuncture dental posters designed for alternative and conservative practitioners.

  • Anatomy of the Teeth Dental Chart

    Anatomy of the Teeth Dental Chart

    This Dental Poster shows large detailed cross section of a tooth and surrounding gum and bone. Shows and labels primary teeth, permanent teeth, childhood dentition and oral cavity. Illustrates and describes function of the types of teeth. Shows tooth...

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  • Dental Teeth Anatomy Chart

    Dental Teeth Anatomy Chart

    Loaded with beautifully illustrated diagrams clearly and concisely labeled for easy identification. Illustrations by award-winning medical illustrator Vincent Perez.   2-page laminated guide includes:  permanent arch  tooth  mouth...

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  • 24 x 36 Dental Meridian Poster 24 x 36 Dental Meridian Poster-( magnified)

    Acupuncture Meridians of the Teeth

     Dental Acupuncture Meridian Relationships Between Teeth and Other Areas of the Body. Shows the relationship between the teeth, sense organs, joints, spinal segments, vertebrae, organs and endocrine glands. The oral microsystem of acupuncture points...

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  • Dental Acupuncture Poster

    Dental Acupuncture and Body Organs Poster

    When a particular acupuncture meridian is under stress, the corresponding oral acupuncture point(s) become very sensitive to localized pressure. This phenomenon can be used for both diagnostic and treatment purposes. Oral acupuncture points in the mouth...

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  • Dental Anatomy Poster

    Loaded with meticulously detailed, beautifully illustrated structures of the human dental anatomy, clearly and concisely labeled for easy identification. Illustrations by award-winning and best-selling medical illustrator Vincent Perez, whose life...

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  • Dental Radiology Flash Cards

    Dental Radiology Flash Cards

    Dental Radiology flash cards includes 150 cards covering a broad range of subjects that helps students understand the art and science of oral structure and radiation. Some of the topics discussed are uses and terminology, interaction of atoms, x-ray beam...

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  • Teeth Anatomical Chart

    Teeth Anatomical Chart

    Teeth chart printed on premium glossy (200g) paper with ultra thin Lamination (wipe clean). Anatomy poster mounted with metal rods on top and bottom to enable easy display. Teeth poster size 50x67cm (20x26'').

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  • Teeth and Jaw Disorders Anatomical Dental Chart

    Teeth and Jaw Disorders Anatomical Dental Chart

    This Dental Poster shows longitudinal section of a normal tooth. Illustrates periodontal disease, three stages of dental caries, abscess formation, problems with the temporomandibular joint, glandular problems and impaction. Also shows 12 dental...

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  • Teeth Poster

    Teeth and Organs Interaction Poster

    The importance of dental health will be made clearer than ever with the help of this detailed poster. The title is exactly what you would expect. Depicted is the relationships of the 32 teeth of the human mouth and the internal organs they affect,...

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  • Teeth Poster

    Teeth Poster

    Understanding the Teeth Anatomy Accurate: Painstakingly researched and executed by today's top medical illustrators. Attractive: Up-to-date, with a fresh, consistent style and contemporary look. Durable: Full-coverage 1.5 mil lamination with sealed edges...

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