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Brain & Nervous System Models

These Human brain and nervous system plastic anatomy models are terrific for the classroom or in medical offices for patient education. Our normal anatomical replicas of the central nervous system disarticulate for better visual representation of the underlying structures. You will find these 3 dimensional structures extremely durable, easy to use and scientifically accurate. 

  • Sensory/ Motor Brain Model Sensory/ Motor Brain Model

    Sensory/Motor half Brain Anatomical Model

    Normal Right Half Brain features: Frontal, Parietal, Occipital and Temporal lobes; Cerebellum; Interthalamic adhesion; Corpus callosum; Pons; Midbrain-central peduncle; Olfactory bulb; Optic nerve; Optic chiasm; Mammillary body; Medulla oblongata. Brain...

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  • Brain with Skull Anatomical Model

    Brain with Skull Anatomical Model

    Full size segmented brain features half normal side and 3 piece sectioned pathology half, as well as Circle of Willis with aneurism. The brain, which sits inside a partial skull, features the following pathologies which are also illustrated on a...

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  • Brain Anatomical Model, Giant size student Edition

    Brain Anatomical Model, Giant size student Edition

    Cast from nonbreakable vinyl in the same molds as our other giant brains, this student rendition incorporates simplified numbering and a budget-stretching monochrome painting scheme. Component parts are locked together with pins, and will stay together...

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  • Brain Anatomical Model - 8 Part Life Size

    Brain Anatomical Model - 8 Part Life Size

    Includes reproducible illustrated copy masters Cast in nonbreakable vinyl plastic, our deluxe Human Brain model incorporates the arterial blood supply complete with termini of the internal carotids, basilar artery, and Circle of Willis. Cranial nerves...

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  • Brain Anatomical Model - Copper

    Brain Anatomical Model - Copper

    Cast from an original, this natural size brain anatomy model has been refined in a copper tone using an elaborate wiping technique. This is an original 3b Model .   Size 16 cm .

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  • Brain Anatomical Model - Hands-On

    Brain Anatomical Model - Hands-On

    Hands-On Budget Brain shows arterial blood supply and divides into 8 parts Steel pins keep this model's 8 parts together during pass-around, yet allow quick dis-assembly as well facilitating hands-on study. Components include: the large basilar artery,...

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  • Brain Anatomical Model Base of Head with 7-Part

    Brain Anatomical Model Base of Head with 7-Part

    Portraying the base of the human head, this life-size nonbreakable replica features a detailed brain, complete with arterial blood vessels, including the basilar artery and Circle of Willis, cranial nerves, and dissectible brain stem. The entire brain...

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  • Brain Anatomical Model Giant 4-Part

    Brain Anatomical Model Giant 4-Part

    Depicted in full relief and enhanced with handpainted colors, this giant human brain replica initially divides into hemispheres. 73 neuroanatomical structures are hand coded on the left hemisphere, while 22 are coded on the right, which further divides...

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  • Brain Anatomical Model Giant Regional

    Brain Anatomical Model Giant Regional

    Besides exhibiting some 120 numbered neurostructures, this giant brain replica incorporates nine vibrant colors to differentiate the front, parietal, occipital and temporal lobes, as well as the cerebellum, brain stem and the motor, somato sensory and...

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  • Brain Demonstraion Model

    Brain Demonstraion Model

    Life-size 14-part brain rests in its natural position on a transparent cast of the base of the skull. The brain separates as follows: cerebral hemisphere (2), temporal and occipital lobes with limbic system, cerebellum, frontal lobe, corpus striatum,...

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  • Brain Model with Arteries

    Brain Model with Arteries

    An educational economy model of the brain. Color markings illustrate arteries (red) and cranial nerves (yellow). Dissects into 8 parts. Life-size, on base. Size: 5" x 6" x 6". Choking Hazard: Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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  • Brain Section Model Set

    Brain Section Model Set

    Sagittal Brain Section Sectioned through the right side of the brain and base of the skull, this enlarged section is also double-sided. One surface conforms to the median plane and includes a section of the falx cerebri. The reverse surface depicts a...

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