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Dental Models

These human plastic anatomy models of the teeth and jaw are terrific for the classroom or for patient education. Our normal and abnormal colorful anatomical oversized replicas of the molars, incisors and canine's are scientifically accurate. You will find them durable, easy to use and the perfect tool for visualization of 3 dimensional structures. Use them to demonstrate tooth decay, fractured teeth, abscess', and more with these functional models.

  • Jaw Model Jaw Model

    Human Teeth And Jaw Anatomy Model

    Full size hinged clear cast jaw to allow viewing of roots. Healthy side shows normal dentition and occlusion. Affected side shows multiple pathologies, including: super eruption, apical alveolar abscess with caries, periodontal disease, lateral abscess,...

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  • Teeth Dental Model Teeth Dental Model

    Teeth Dental Model

    Oversized model of premolars and molars featuring many common dental problems, some of which are: abscess, advanced periodontitis, cavity, crown, decay, filling, gingivitis, plaque, and severe bone loss. Model size: 5-1/2" x 2" x 3-1/2" Card size: 6-1/2"...

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  • TMJ and Teeth . Skull Dental Model

    TMJ and Teeth . Skull Dental Model

    A plastic human skull with the medial and lateral ptergoids, as well as the temporal and masseter muscles, created in elastic. The relationship of the temporomandibular structures to occlusion becomes more meaningful both to the doctor and patient when...

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  • Tobacco Mouth Model

    Tobacco Mouth Model

    Tobacco Mouth This hinged model of the teeth, flexible tongue and oral cavity shows the effects of smokeless tobacco. Mounted on base, supplied with a bottle of simulated tobacco juice. See our other Dental related products under the Dental category.

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  • TMJ Dental Model TMJ Dental Model

    TMJ - Jaw muscles and Teeth Anatomy Model

    Temporomandibular Joint Model, demonstrating the problematic conditions associated with the joint capsule. Emphasis on the disc, surrounding bone inflammation, and also the affects on the teeth, (cracks, chips, cavities, and characteristics of bruxism,...

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