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Complimentary Med Posters

Take a deep breath and browse our selection of charts and cards covering topics like Feng Shui, Chakra's, Iridology and more. Educate yourself and others on the healing energy of crystals, herbs, flowers and spices. Take a journey through our store and find a large array of Acupuncture and Chiropractic posters along with general anatomy. We carry one of the largest collections of alternative and complimentary therapy charts available. If you have any questions, just call, or email us, we will do our best to help you find what you are looking for.

  • Essential Oils Chart

    Essential Oils Chart

    With over 130 essential oils in this handy 6-page, oil-proof guide, beginners or experts can quickly find an oil’s therapeutic aspects plus cautions regarding certain oils.  Latin botanical and alternate names make finding the right oil easy...

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  • Iridology Poster

    Iridology Poster

    The Iridology/Iris diagnosis chart displays two large irises with their sectors and corresponding areas of the body, as well as almost thirty smaller yet just as beautiful illustrations of common iris constitutional types. This chart covers in simple...

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  • Crystals, Gems, Healing Stones- Charts

    Crystals, Gems, Healing Stones- Charts

    Crystals, Gems & Healing Stones - This 2 chart set is the master guide to the top 110+ gems & healing stones and their ancient healing uses. The most thorough, up-to-date charts available; each stone color-coded, with Chakras, personal and spiritual...

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  • Iridology Chart

    Iridiagnosis Iridology Chart with Book on CD

    8.5" X 11" (21.6 cm X 27.9 cm) laminated double-sided chart showing the organ relationships within the iris, the seven zones of the iris, section of the iris, the densities of the iris and common signs found during acute and chronic changes. Includes a...

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  • Foot Reflexology and Acupuncture Chart

    Foot Reflexology and Acupuncture Chart

    Foot Reflexology and Acupuncture Chart For Reflexologists, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists and that weekend foot rub Reflexologist believe that the body is represented on the feet through a system of reflexes mapped out on specific areas around the...

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  • 81/2" x 11"  Two Sided Chart 81/2" x 11"  Two Sided Chart

    Chinese Auriculotherapy Poster

    Contains Chinese auriculotherapy points, auricular anatomy landmarks, NADA addiction formula, 25 formulas for commonly treated conditions, Master control points with frequencies and indications for each Master control point.Available in 8 1/2 x 11" two...

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  • The 8 Extra (Extraordinary) Meridians Chart

    The 8 Extra (Extraordinary) Meridians Chart

    The extraordinary meridians act as reservoirs of Qi. They regulate and promote the circulation of Qi in the body. The confluent points connect the 8 extra (extraordinary) meridians with the 12 main meridians. Shows the extraordinary meridians: Du Mai,...

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  • Spices Cards

    Spices Cards

    SPICES and Savory Scents Essential Oils Card: Learn the wonderful healing, stimulating and warming qualities of all the spices you've smelled and cooked with for years, with their aromatherapy uses. The top 11 Spice oils, including Basil, Ginger,...

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