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Brain & Nervous System Models

These Human brain and nervous system plastic anatomy models are terrific for the classroom or in medical offices for patient education. Our normal anatomical replicas of the central nervous system disarticulate for better visual representation of the underlying structures. You will find these 3 dimensional structures extremely durable, easy to use and scientifically accurate. 

  • Sensory/ Motor Brain Model Sensory/ Motor Brain Model

    Sensory/Motor half Brain Anatomical Model

    Normal Right Half Brain features: Frontal, Parietal, Occipital and Temporal lobes; Cerebellum; Interthalamic adhesion; Corpus callosum; Pons; Midbrain-central peduncle; Olfactory bulb; Optic nerve; Optic chiasm; Mammillary body; Medulla oblongata. Brain...

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  • Brain with Skull Anatomical Model Brain with Skull Anatomical Model

    Brain with Skull Anatomical Model

    Full size segmented brain features half normal side and 3 piece sectioned pathology half, as well as Circle of Willis with aneurism. The brain, which sits inside a partial skull, features the following pathologies which are also illustrated on a...

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  • Torso Model

    Torso Anatomy Model Kit

    Busy hands build strong minds! Learn about Human Anatomy with this fun 4D deluxe torso puzzle! Model has a transparent cutaway to show internal organs and structure. Challenge your critical thought and mental acuity. Build dexterity, fine motor...

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  • Human Brain- 8 Part Human Brain- 8 Part

    Human Brain- 8 Part

     This advanced life sized model of the human brain is a fascinating and detailed addition to your studies. Labeled with 41 structures, this brain makes an idea study aid for medical school at a variety of levels, as well as patient education. The...

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  • Human Brain Human Brain-Life Size

    Human Brain-Life Size

    With this regional brain it's easy to identify the various structures and regions of the brain, as well as what their purpose is. The colorful brain model helps shed some light on the way the human brain functions. This hand-painted and numbered model...

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  • Brain Anatomy Model Human Brain Anatomy Model

    Human Brain Anatomy Model

    This Deluxe 4-Part Brain Model. This anatomically accurate brain model is an enlarged to 1.5 times normal size for greater hands-on examination. In addition to the clear color markings, numbering and descriptive labels are written directly on the model...

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