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Practitioner Support

Choose from our selection of Chiropractic support DVD's and books. We also have brochures and inserts for patient education. Learn practice building and technique strategies that you can implement in your office immediately. Use these tools to improve your report of findings, understanding of spinal anatomy and more.

  • Digital Seminar

    Converting to Cash

    Available Immediately as a Digital Download! It's never too late to declare your independence and secure greater financial stability with a cash practice.    Converting to Cash shows you the way.   You'll learn more than how to make...

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  • Instagram Reference Chart

    Instagram Marketing Reference Guide

    6 page laminated guide includes: What Is Instagram? Instagram Terminology & Definitions Benefits of Using Instagram for Business Setting Up an Effective Business Profile Understanding Instagram Content Strategies How to Use Hashtags on...

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  • Entrepreneurship Information Guide

    Entrepreneurship Information Guide

    Strengthen skills, know where to start and reduce your risk. Growing in universities as a separate degree in itself, any business major or inspired self-starter will find a barrage of tools that create a road map to the American Dream. With a focus on...

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  • Facebook Information Chart

    Facebook Information Chart

    Knowing how to use Facebook to network and market yourself or your business gives a single person the potential for reaching Facebook’s over 1 billion users in 60 countries. BarCharts’ new Facebook guide will show you how to manage your...

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  • Recalculating!

    Recalculating! Book

    “Recalculating!” is Bills’ 11th book in the patient’s-point-of-view series. Caution! This book contains explicit chiropractic content, intellectual nudity and grown-up explorations into today’s practice of chiropractic. It...

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  • Pediatric Chiropractic Care

    Pediatric Chiropractic Care Book

    Dr. Rosen discusses the impact of Vertebral and Cranial Subluxations on the child's health.  From this perspective he covers the complete spinal and cranial evaluation and adjusting protocols from birth through early childhood.  The specific...

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  • The Adjusting Book

    The Adjusting Book

    Adjusting is the 10th chiropractic book in the patient's-point-of-view series. And Bill's wit and wisdom just gets sharper and sharper. There's probably something to make just about every chiropractor squirm. In this book for chiropractors, Bill takes...

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  • Safety Pin

    Safety Pin

    "It makes telling the chiropractic story easy!" Hung from a belt loop, shirt button, purse strap or key chain, this shiny, nickel-plated 5-inch safety pin is the perfect way to stimulate conversations. "What's the big safety pin for?" "Oh this?" you ask,...

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  • How Far? Report Insert

    How Far? Report Insert

    Coordinates with the How Far? poster to explain the differences between Maintenance, Prevention and Wellness. Include this 8 1/2" X 11" insert with your other report documents and help patients see that the pain relief that has prompted them to begin...

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  • 10 Ways to Help Us Help You Insert

    10 Ways to Help Us Help You Insert

    Coordinates with the 10 Ways Poster to encourage patients to take an more active role in their recovery. Include this 8 1/2" X 11" insert with your other report documents and produce patients that get well faster and are better satisfied with their...

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