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  • AHA PALS 10 Poster Set

    Updated to reflect new science in the 2015 American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR & ECCDesigned for use by instructors in the PALS classroom setting or as quick reference information for a healthcare sitesThey can be placed at each learning...

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  • Dangers of Smoking Anatomical Chart

    Dangers of Smoking Anatomical Chart

    Dangers of Smoking Poster discusses and illustrates the common dangers of smoking: chronic bronchitis, emphysema, lung cancer, bladder cancer, stoke, mouth and throat cancer, heart disease, gastric ulcer, and fetal risk. This diagram compares a healthy...

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  • Harmful Effects of Smoking Poster

    Harmful Effects of Smoking Poster

    This informative and safety-filled chart shows the harmful effects of one of the most talked about subjects in schools today. Each diagram highlights the harmfully affected areas in bold colors and explains in clear text. Laminated for durability. Poster...

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  • Nicotine Dependence Poster

    Nicotine Dependence Poster

    This cigarette anatomy poster is printed on premium glossy (200g) paper with ultra thin Lamination (wipe clean). Mounted with metal rods on top and bottom to enable easy display. diagram size 50x67cm (20x26'').

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  • No Smoking Sign

    No Smoking Sign

    Effortless to apply, movable, and easy to read, These signs make communicating to patients simple and keeps your establishment looking professional, clean, and at its very best. Made of high quality vinyl with a low tack, self adhesive backing,...

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  • Smoker Lung Model

    Smoker Lung Model

    Smoker Model This small hand-held model actually smokes a cigarette and collects its tars and nicotine on a photo of a real chest X-ray of a lung cancer victim. Stained prints fit into plastic bags, keeping stains intact when they are passed around for...

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  • Smokey Sue - The Dangers of Smoking Lung Model

    Smokey Sue - The Dangers of Smoking Lung Model

    You can make Smokey Sue actually smoke a cigarette by pumping her bulb mechanism. The tars from the cigarette collect in her collection tube "lungs" which may be removed and inspected for an effective lesson. Comes with 3 collection tubes and carrying...

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  • Smoking Poster

    Smoking Effects on the Body Poster

    Smoking Effects on the Body Poster displays in great detail the harmful and adverse long term effects of smoking on the human body. The poster uses detailed anatomical images to display the effects the drug has on vital organs including stroke,...

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  • The Consequences of Smoking Model - 3D Display l

    The Consequences of Smoking Model - 3D Display

    The Consequences of Smoking - 3D Display Show the consequences of smoking on various organs of the body with life-sized, hand-painted models. Each model is permanently mounted in a carrying-case display, and the accompanying text clearly communicates its...

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