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Skeleton, Spine and Skull Models

Our skeletal system plastic anatomical models are durable and functional. Choose from normal or abnormal vertebrae models which demonstrate spinal degeneration. Our vertebral columns and skeletons are available in a variety of sizes with muscle attachments and can be manipulated for educational purposes. We have a large selection of skulls too. Use these as tools in the classroom, doctors office, or even for Halloween. 

  • Skull Anatomical Model

    Skull Anatomical Model, Mini 3-part

    Our mini skull, precisely depicting the anatomical structures true to detail, can be disassembled into skullcap, base of skull and mandible,Measurements: 10x8x8cm . This is an original 3B model with a 3 year warrantee.

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  • Skeleton Model

    Skeleton Model

    An economical teaching skeleton with a user-friendly personality that will encourage children to learn the names of the bones, and with enough details to satisfy students, doctors or anyone interested in the human skeleton. Heavy metal stand included...

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  • New! Painted & Numbered Skeleton Model

    New! Painted & Numbered Skeleton Model

    This 25 1/2" budget painted skeleton has muscle insertions and origins painted on the left side of the skeleton and numbers of important features on the right side. Calvarium is cut with moveable jaw mounted on springs. Arms, legs and skull are removable...

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  • My First Skeleton Model

    My First Skeleton Model

    Our most popular miniature skeleton model offers a unique hands-on learning experience for young scientists, curious kids or medical professionals. Special features include a movable jaw on springs, a skull whose calvarium opens for a look inside, and...

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  • Mini Vertebral Column Model

    Mini Vertebral Column Model

    Model with squama occipitalis and pelvis. The Spine is mounted flexibly to demonstrate natural movements and pathological changes. Without stand. Measurements: 40cm  

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  • Male Vertebral Column Model

    Male Vertebral Column Model

    Life-size, flexible spine model Includes pelvis, occipital bone, vertebral artery Dorsal herniated disc between 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebrae Movable femur heads on some models Size: 29" tall** STAND NOT INCLUDED**. 

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  • Human Adult SuperSkeleton Model

    Human Adult Super Skeleton Model

    The world's most complete skeleton for school instruction, medical training and patient education. It features joint ligaments, a flexible spine with nerve endings and full indication of muscle origins and insertions painted on one-half of the body. Also...

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  • Skeleton Model With Spinal Nerves

    Skeleton Model With Spinal Nerves

    This Skeleton model is a valuable teaching aid featuring a flexible spine with spinal cord, nerve roots, the vertebral artery, a herniated disc, cartilage, articulated joints, and removable 3-piece skull and extremities. This popular desktop...

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  • Flexible Mini Spinal Vertebral Column Model

    Flexible Mini Spinal Vertebral Column Model

    The miniature spine with all anatomical details shown accurately. An excellent alternative to our full size spine . Delivered on stand. Measurements: 30 cm.This is an original 3B model with a 3 year warrantee. Fits conveniently on a desk

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