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Veterinary Books

Our veterinary anatomy books and flash cards for cats, dogs and horses are scientifically accurate. Students will easily understand the different systems of the animal body with these tools. Below you will also find equine textbooks on training and horsemanship as well.

  • ACU-Horse Acupressure manual

    ACU-Horse Acupressure manual

    ACU-Horse provides a step-by-step guide to performing an acupressure session on your horse. This new book provides tons of 4 color charts and photos to help you learn equine acupressure along with all the necessary discussion of essential Chinese...

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  • ACU-Dog-Canine Acupressure Manual

    ACU-Dog-Canine Acupressure Manual

    This 188 page, 4-Color book is the Ultimate HOW-TO Canine Acupressure Book. Tons of charts and photos with detailed discussion of TCM concepts, Assessment, Session Protocol, Hands-on Techniques, and, best of all - 32 Canine Health & Behavioral...

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  • Acu-Cat Manual Feline Acupressure

    Acu-Cat Manual Feline Acupressure

    100% New! Detailed charts, photos, 2 acupressure session protocols, full discussion of essential TCM theories and concepts. Acu-Cat gives you 30+ Common Feline Specific Conditions Session Charts, providing you access to potent acupressure sessions. The...

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  • Cat Anatomy Flash Cards

    Cat Anatomy Flash Cards

    The Cat Anatomy is a comprehensive reference tool covering the skeletal system, muscular system, joints & ligaments, and the 10 major organ systems of the cat. This set consists of 52 flashcards.

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